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NXP BLE HID: Keyboard HID is not working when used with consumer HID functions

Question asked by Prakash Velayutham on Jun 19, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2019 by Prakash Velayutham

Hi. I am trying to send volume up and down hid commands to phone from KW36Z NXP board through BLE HID.

I am using Keyboard for report ID 1 and consumer for report ID 2.

For the first three seconds I am sending Volume Down command through report id 1(Keyboard usage page), and for the next three seconds I am sending Volume Up command through report id 2 (Consumer usage page).

However, for the first three seconds there is no volume decrease is seen on the phone, but for the next three seconds the volume gets increased.


If I try Keyboard and Consumer Hid separately it is working.  But when I am using both as two reports, only consumer Hid is working.


Please anyone suggest any solution for this issue.  Thanks in advance.