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Question asked by kwon hyosang on Jun 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 4, 2019 by Rita Wang

I am Kwon Hyo Sang working for Hansol Technics in Korea.
We use your "MCIMX6D7CVT08AD" IC.
For two or three years, we haven't solved one problem.
We use SD CARD for BOOT to operate "MCIMX6D7CVT08AD" in SD BOOT mode and download O/S to NAND Flash.
However, O/S download defect is occurring at least 40%.
We are currently receiving delivery and technical support from your official agency, WT, but we have not resolved the cause.
WT Technology raised the issue of H/W ARTWORK.
So we reviewed H/W BOARD with WT Technology Korea, but the problem was not solved.
I'd like to get an accurate guide on this matter from you.
Thank you.