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Xen hypervisor support for i.MX8MMini ?

Question asked by Robin Page on Jun 19, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2019 by Robin Page

Hi. I have some questions on Xen hypervisor support for the i.MX8MMini. I know this is already supported for other CPUs in the IMX8 family such as the  i.MX8QuadMax, but the hypervisor support for 8MMini appears to be jailhouse only at present. I have been trying to get the Xen hypervisor from v4.12.0 source to run on 8MMini. I think it is lacking a serial port driver for this board and, so far, the Xen startup code crashes at the line where when Xen tries to enable the MMU.


There are  some comments on another thread suggesting the that the MMUs might be different ? Is this the case and does that mean there is a technical limitation such that Xen would not be compatible with our board? Are there any plans to provide a Xen build that supports the IMX8MMini in the future? If not, do you have any information that may be of help in getting this running?