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imx6q sabreauto not booting from sd card and not getting even single message from sonsole

Question asked by Dharmender sharma on Jun 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2019 by CarlosCasillas

Hi ,


i am trying to bring imx6q sabre auto board (MCIMX6xAICPU2) But somehow i am  not even getting single consoles message after applying power of 5V DC and 4A current.


i do not know what is the problem here. could you please help us to figure out the problem?


setup details:

booting from sd card by using the boot configuration as shown in picture.


i have downloaded prbuilt images from as Mentioned in reference manuals.

SABRE|Automotive-Infotainment|i.MX6 | NXP 


i am using 5v and 4a power adapter. when apply power supply i can see that 4 yellow , 1 blue and 1 orange leds are glowing.




Thanks & Best Regards,

Dharmender Sharma