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I'm not able to connect LPC-LINK2 to LPCxpresso11U68 successfully.

Question asked by Daisuke Fukuda on Jun 18, 2019
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Hi Sir/Madam,


This is Daisuke FUKUDA with NEXTY Electronics Japan. Thank you for your support.


I'm designing some demo boards with LPC11U68. The demo board will provide the best way to reach our customer, I believe. One of my concent is that users can debug softwares when LPC-LINK2 is connected to my demo board. So I'm planing that the demo board has 5 x 2 pin headers with 1.27 mm pictch for LPC-LINK2. It will be connected to SWDIO, SWCLK and so on in LPC11U68.


I want to check how LPC-LINK2 and LPC11U68 by LPCxpresso11U68 work in order to check to realize the appropriate connection because it is the first time for me to design with LPC MCU. I applied LPCxpresso into my demo board so far.


Now I'm struggling to work for LPC-LINK2 and LPC11U68. However I've never found these work successfully. When I started "debug" on MCUxpresso, but an error happens.


For detail, please refer to an attached file. it includes how I connected between LPC-LINK2 and LPCxpresso11U68, how I set some jumpers and what MCUexpresso displayed.


If you find I make any mistakes, could you please advise me?

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.


Best regards,