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wakeup from VLLS1 mode through UART and LPTIMER both how ?

Question asked by Reena Patel on Jun 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2019 by Kerry Zhou

Hello all,

@kerry zhou

For my application, i want to wake up my device from VLLS1 mode through LPTIMER as well as UART3_RX (connected with RF RX).

I am using MK20DX128VLL7 microcontroller with sensors , GSM module (UART comm.) and RF module (UART comm.).

And there is star network, where one master device and more than 10 slave device connected in on e network.

At my master device side : get all sensors data -> send on web page through GSM -> and sleep for 30min. for timer interrupt i have used LPTIMER. 

At my slave device side : get all sensors data -> send that data to master device through RF transmitter. -> master RF receive that data and send that data through GSM netwrk on web page.

This is the my application.

Now i want to implement : master device in VLLS1 mode -> if data coming from RF (through UART3_RX)-> master device should wake up and transmit only master device -> again go for sleep mode -> until other slave device wake up or LPTIMER wake up.

I have checked in LLWU file for interrupt enable for UART. But i have not find UART3_RX for interrupt.

So can i not use that interrupt pin for wake up device?

i have already implemented wakeup through LPTIMER from VLLS1 mode.

Please guide me to add uart3 for interrupt wakeup form VLLS1 mode.


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