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MCUX 11.0 map file error, incremental build not working

Question asked by SCOTT MILLER on Jun 17, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2019 by LPCX presso support

I've just upgraded to MCUX 11.0 and I'm encountering two problems, not sure if they're related or not.  The first is that every time I compile I get three instances of "mismatched input '_estack' expecting RULE_HEX" in the 'Problems' view for the linker map file.  The folder the map file gets created in is excluded from the build and the project is being linked properly, so presumably this is a parser bug.  Here's the relevant bit of the map file:


                0x20000000                _estack = 0x20000000
                0x20000000                __stack = _estack
                0x20000000                __SP_INIT = _estack
                0x20000000                _vStackTop = _estack


The bigger problem is that it's apparently not doing incremental builds anymore.  If I hit control-B twice in a row, without changing any files or settings, it takes about 36 seconds to build the project.  I can't see what would have changed.


Any idea what's going on here?