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MCIMX6D5EYM10ADR(i.MX6D), JTAG not working properly in ICT(u49_u49_dis).

Question asked by gavin wu on Jun 18, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2019 by gavin wu

I'm the ICT engineer, now have the problem with Device U49: MCIMX6D5EYM10ADR, the JTAG not working properly in ICT(u49_u49_dis).


the bsdl file I downloaded from the website: IMX6D_21x21_BSDL_TO1.2.bsdl.

also check all power pin with U49, all OK.


on the other side, I also put the compliance pin as below to 011

attribute COMPLIANCE_PATTERNS of IMX6D: entity is


So, I want to know, is there any more signal /pattern should be add to the device, so that can enter the JTAG model well. thanks!