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Timer and PWM are not running simultenoulsy in LPC845

Question asked by angiey y on Jun 17, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2019 by angiey y


I'm using LPC845M301JBD64 MCU, and used Ctimer_match_interrupt sample code

to generate 1hz interrupt and works fine,

Now we need PWM that generates lower frequency say 1hz and should be varied,

so used the sample code of sctimer_16_bit counter and sctimer_multi_state_pwm,

but not able to generate lower frequency , getting in higher frequency in  khz only,

kindly suggest me to get the lower frequency in the above sample codes.


We can get the lower frequency using Ctimer_match sample code,

but we already using it for timer interrupt.


Since LPC845 as only one 32-bit timer, here I require 2 timer interrupt,

one for timer, and one for PWM both using interrupt, and should run simultaneously,


And is it possible to generate 2 PWM's with different frequency at the same time.?


Please clarify with the above queries.


Thank you