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ADC with internal trigger problems with JM128

Discussion created by Aric Lowe on Feb 10, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2009 by Aric Lowe
Hello again, I appreciate the last response I received from my previous post, it let me know I was on the right track.  Im currently trying to sample a signal with the ADC every 10 uS and I can see two possible ways of doing so.  First I could sample continually and set the conversion time to 10 uS or I could set the ADC to sample from an internal trigger set to every 10 uS. 

Currently I can get the continous samping to function correctly.  After the conversion is complete the OnEnd function is entered and the proper procedure is followed.  I dont know however how accurate to the 10 uS this method would be and if it would tie up the cpu too much for the other required operations to function.  The second option of setting the internal trigger however disables the interrupt event that I need it to execute after the conversion is complete.  Is the interupt code then to be transfered to the trigger interupt and pend executing upon the conversion complete flag asserting??  For this method I have also failed to locate the trigger source option within Processor Expert.  I might add that the end result of this project is a voltage monitor so upon completing this step I plan to active the compare function to decide whether the incoming voltages are within tolerances previously calculated for the time that this sample was taken, if that makes any difference.

Once again any insight into this would be greatly appreciated. I should also note that to completel the coding Im operating Codewarrion v. 6.2.