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Setting CodeWarrior Startup file

Question asked by Mohamed Othman on Feb 10, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2009 by CrasyCat
Hello guys,
I have recently started using the CodeWarrior IDE after couple of years of using COSMIC IDE.
CodeWarrior looks really good and complete.
But I need your help getting me started here.

I downloaded the free special version to work on MC9S12DP512 MCU and I ran the demo that comes with it. The demo started working immediately in the simulator software. I looked in the code to find where the clock speed and PLL and COP settings are configured, but I couldn't find it. The Startup.c file has some #ifdef statements in the _Startup procedure, but I couldn't find where exactly the CRG stuff (clock,pll etc) are configured.
in the Startup.c file, I also found two options to configure the _Starupt routine (also there are the #ifdef statements), but again, couldn't find where they are set..
in simple words,
#ifdef (something) then
#def (this thing)
Where this (something) is defined?!

Thanks a lot..