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Timer0 Output JN5169

Question asked by Huy Pham on Jun 16, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2019 by Sebastián Del Río


I am making an application using the output of timer 0 (DIO4/DIO10) in JN5169. But It is not working(No Output, No Interrupts). The others timer output(timer1,2,3,4) are okay.  Can you help me find the problem with timer 0 configuration bellow?


vAHI_TimerSetLocation(E_AHI_TIMER_0, TRUE, FALSE);
vAHI_TimerDIOControl(E_AHI_TIMER_0, TRUE);
vAHI_TimerConfigureOutputs(E_AHI_TIMER_0, FALSE, TRUE);
vAHI_TimerEnable(E_AHI_TIMER_0, 10, TRUE, TRUE, TRUE);
vAHI_TimerClockSelect(E_AHI_TIMER_0, FALSE, FALSE);


vAHI_TimerStartRepeat(E_AHI_TIMER_0, 15625, 31250);


Thanks for your help!