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Software Porting from MKE02 to MKE04

Question asked by Ad van Gorp on Jun 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2019 by Ad van Gorp

Hello I am porting my application from MKE02 to MKE04. The development  platform is KDS with Processor Expert. The problem  I met is with the KBI. What  I did on the MKE02 was defining  my key interrupts on the KBI and also on the same pins set BitIO’s so I can poll for double key presses etc. If I want to do the same strategy on the MKE04 I get the Processor Expert error “Selected value is in conflict with other configuration property”. This was not the case on the MKE02. What to do? (The Input is configured for KBI interrupt as well as input).

your support is very much appreciated, kind regards Ad