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Is There A Proper Way to Handle A COP Reset?

Question asked by Greg Smith on Feb 10, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2009 by Greg Smith
Hello All,
 Still working with the MC9S12E128 and I've activated the COP along with some watchdog counters to monitor the status of the various tasks that I'm running. 

I was wondering what the correct way to handle a COP reset might be, or should I do nothing at all?  There's an interrupt vector at 0xFFFA for a "COP failure reset" and I suppose that I can use this to write a message to my Syslog task, assuming that the processor isn't in the middle of resetting.

I've noticed that when I let the COP timeout with the debugger the code doesn't reset properly but runs away on its own, so I'm surely not doing something write to handle this reset.