Plinio Andrade

Issue using MLIB 4.2 with DSP 56800EX

Discussion created by Plinio Andrade on Jun 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 21, 2019 by Sutter Zhou

I'm using the FSLESL library Rev. 4.2 with micro MC56F84452 (56800EX core) and I'm having a very intriguing issue when I try to put some math operation in the same line of code as in here:

After line 792 is executed the value of park1.Ds is wrongly defined to -1056178177. However, if I separate the operation in three steps (multiply, multiply, then sum) as lines 793-795 show, the value of park1.Ds after line 795 is executed is 49419 which is the expected value:

Does anyone have a good explanation for this behavior?