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Failed on connect On LPC1227 Xpresso

Question asked by 孝宣 堀合 on Jun 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2019 by ZhangJennie

Thank you everyone.

Currently, when trying to debug the supplied Proj with MUC Xpressso IDE on LPC1227 Xpresso,
the attached message is displayed and can not proceed from there.

It is assumed to be board dependent as it runs on another LPC1227Xpresso.

I'm getting an error LPC1227 Xpresso has been considered from the source for LPC 11u68 separately and tried to replace it by the following flow

・ Replace port assignment for LPC1227
・ Open Project Settings → MCU → Edit MUC of each project
・Changed Preinstalled MCus to LPC1227 / 301
・Change Default Linkserver Flash Driver to LPC11_12_13_128K_8K.cfx
・Change the memory setting to the same setting as "LPCX1227_cmsis2_systick"
・ Open Run / Debug sortings, open Edit, and adjust the setting with "LPCX1227_cmsis2_systick".

We assume that the target device may have been replaced by another port for connecting with the debugger.
・ How to check whether the port has been replaced for another use
・ How to reset port to initial state
・ Could you tell me other possible causes and solutions?

Thank you.