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GETCHAR() hanging on UART target custom board

Question asked by M I on Jun 13, 2019
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I've used this snippet of code to prompt user for PWM x 10 values between 0-9 when I was evaluating on FRDM-KL28; first to vary the onboard RGB RED LED light like original SDK imported project, which I later modified & adapted to PWM a motor connected to an MCU GPIO pin out to J1 header on the eval board.

I'm using the J13 mini-USB to connect to the debug console, Hyperterm.  All UART RX/TX PRINTF have gone out on the terminal.  

I'm inside MCUXpresso debugging.


// code snippet

volatile uint8_t getCharValue = 0U;

  PRINTF("\r\nPlease enter a value between 0 to 9 for low Duty Cycle to be multiplied by 10:\r\n");
  getCharValue = GETCHAR() - 0x30U;
  PRINTF("%d", getCharValue);
 } while (getCharValue > 9);


All GETCHAR() input works & the code does not hang on the GETCHAR() line - it does not hang & it waits & accepts keyboard inputs.


I'm now using our custom target board which does not have such mini-USB port but rather has a direct & plain vanilla UART RX/TX lines, custom connector on our board's side while the other side is a USB connector to interface still to the PC's Hyperterm console.


For the testing our custom board, I've made a different menu list that will prompt for a keyboard input just like how it did in that project on the FRDM-board.


I copy the same snippet of code but for a different & highly modified SDK imported project which operates on TSI touch buttons & a matrix of at least 30+ LEDS, to run on our custom board, still working inside MCUXpresso Multilink debugger.


On this board, with such snippet of code integrated into different application - the Hyperterm terminal displays the first 2 PRINTF() lines but then it hangs forever on the GETCHAR().  No key press on the hyperterm works to get it out of that GETCHAR() line.


I definitely have setup NEW UART RX & TX lines in correct ALT# function for UART, considering PRINTF()s are being dumped on the Hyperterm window afterall.


Does someone know what I need to do to make this menu keyboard input work?  The main differences between the FRDM-KL28Z & our custom board are:  

1) different UART port-pin #  (all checked & correct - PRINTF() is working)

2) different SDK modified code / different application

3) different cable, Layer 1 & 2 communications protocol: 

     FRDM-KL28Z was USB-to-USB serial UART

     Custom board UART-to-UART TX/RX


Thanks for your help.