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Reprogramming after enabling CRP

Question asked by andrew_gatt on Jun 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2019 by soledad

I am using the LPC1346, I need to enable code protection to prevent the code being read out of flash. I know I can achieve this by writing a specific pattern to 0x02FC. Currently programming is done through the SWD pins, which are the only pins brought out to a connector.


The problem I have is that the datasheet seems to suggest that I can only update the firmware after this by using ISP commands, which I believe means either the UART or USB bootloaders? As the SWD pins are disabled for all levels of protection.


Is there no way to mass erase or otherwise reset a device through the SWD pins? With neither the UART or USB ports brought out to connectors, this would effectively prevent upgrading the device.


Has anyone else had similar issues?