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KMS discontinued :-(

Question asked by Peter Schrijnewerkers on Jun 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2019 by Philip Drake

I have just finished a design SW+HW based on the Kinetis Motor Suite and to my surprise it is now announced the KMS is no longer supported and that distribution of the MCU with KMS pre-programmed is discontinued :-(

My question basicaly is: Is it posible to get the KMS library as a Binary or other form so that we can program it into our micro?

Maybe it is not to me to know but please can you tell why KMS is discontinued while in my opinion it is a very good tool/application?


I am aware of the availability of other refference designs but non of them working so fine as KMS and it will cost me a lot of time to get it at the stage where I am now with the KMS based aplication I have made including an interface to the external world.

Finaly I am aware of the fact that I should leave KMS. Can you tell me what refference design (example) best suited to replace KMS and supports PWM frequencies upto 20kHz?
Till now I only found KMS supporting PWM frequencies upto 20kHz or higher.


Are ther more refference designs upcomming like AN12374 for the KV31 micro? And/or can the PWM frequency made easily adjustable to any frequency I like. A maximum of 10kHz is realy to low because many people can hear the sound and the cat/dog got wild :-)


With best regards, Peter