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How to activate TRK-MPC5606B Vaux (33905)

Question asked by Dean Hansen on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2019 by Tomas Vaverka

Unsuccessful at activating Vaux on development board.  Normally un-populated T1 has been updated with PNP: BCP5216 and R22 left in place.  Presently using board in debug mode. Board is initialized with following sequence:

  0x84 -> INIT register       // set Vaux to 5V

  0x00 -> WD register        // set to normal (debug) mode

  0xC0 -> CAN register      // enable CAN

  0x8C -> REG register      // "attempt" to enable Vaux

But no Vaux (5v) voltage at associated dev board pin


Voltage at T1 emitter and base are equal and at supply but no voltage on collector.

I am assuming SPI transfer with 33905 is working since I have CAN activity

Post initialization readback of registers shows:

  REG register = 0x08

  REG flags     = 0x00


Does any one know if I am missing either a hardware mod or software initialization problem?