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Build an IMX yocto image

Question asked by aldo bj on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2019 by jimmychan


I have a very specific board based on imx287 and I'm trying to build an image with yocto.

I know how to use yocto basically (build an ixm28evk board 's image for instance) and how to build new layer,... but I'm lost when I try to configure the layer to fit my board.

That I know and that I have regarding my board:

- I have the .dtb file

- My board doesn't use u-boot as bootloader but imx-bootlet (how can I use imx instead of uboot? and is it necessary?)

- I know the partitions' size

- I need the MFGTool to flash the board

- the kernel configuration file


How can I produce a zimage (MFGTool compatible) with my own device tree and the bootloader imx-bootlet?

Thanks for your help