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Completely lost and can't get the debugger/simulator to work!  PBMCUSLK

Discussion created by Cory Klein on Feb 9, 2009
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I am very new to freescale and I am trying to simulate a very simple project onto my board. My board has the model: PBMCUSLK

The project completes the "Make" sequence, but when
we try "Debug" then the simulator freezes for
several minutes and the following error messages
appear in this order:

Failed to find communication speed!


Communications with target failed:
The target MCU has no clock or wrong BDM clock
speed is used or derivative is secured.
Press the YES button if you want to try to unsecure
right now.

IMPORTANT: Unsecuring will mass erase the device!

Yes No

(After choosing Yes...)

Unsecure derivative
In order to check the derivative status (secured or
unsecured), the value of the IO_DELAY_COUNT is
needed to connect to the target.

for CABLE12: 16 /

( 200 / oscillator frequency in Mhz ) - 1

for USB 2.0 MULTILINK (rev. B):
( 240 / oscillator frequency in Mhz ) - 1

IO_DELAY_COUNT: [enter value here]

Okay Cancel Help

(At this point we have no idea what it is talking
about so we have tried a few different numbers)

Information required to unsecure the device
To unsecure the device, the command script needs
the correct value for ECLKDIV/FCLKDIV onchip
If the bus frequency is less than 10 MHz, the value

tho store in ECLKDIV/FCLKDIV is equal to:
"bus frequency (kHz) / 175"

If the bus frequency is higher than 10 MHz, the

value to store in ECLKDIV/FCLKDIV is equal to:
" bus frequency (kHz) / 1400 + 64"
(+64 (0x40) is to set PRDIV8 flag)

Datasheet proposed values:

bus frequency E/FLCLKDIV value (decimal)

16 Mhz 73
8 Mhz 39
4 Mhz 19
2 Mhz 9
1 Mhz 4

CLKDIV: [enter value here|default 73]

(We just keep on clicking OK)


Derivative could NOT be unsecured!!!!
The Unsecure command file might be missing or
Make sure the command file defined in the Unsecure
panel of the Command File dialog contains the
correct commands to unsecure the current connected
derivative and the board oscillator frequency.


At this point it freezes for a while again than
starts the error process over again.

Does anybody know how to solve this problem? Thank you, in advance, for your help!



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