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cannot connect to S32K148 board

Question asked by HIDEKI MIYAZAKI on Jun 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2019 by HIDEKI MIYAZAKI

I am using S32K148 Evaluation board. I could connect the board without any problem. Now, I cannot connect the board.

When trying to download firmware, the following windows always appears:


And though pushing retry button, it repeatedly appears. As the result, it cannot download the firmware.


I have tried Free MASTER 2.0 if it can detect the board. However, FreeMASTER also cannot detect the board.


The board LED status can be found at the following picture:


 LED D11 always turns on. I cannot remember if the LED always turns on or off.


Could you please help me to recover the connection? If any other information is needed, please let me know.