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i.mx6 usb resume problem

Question asked by masahiro morimune on Jun 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2019 by masahiro morimune

Hi all!


I am developing a USB HOST driver (using HOST1) for i.mx6solo.

Currently, SUSPEND and RESUME have been confirmed, but there is a problem with RESUME.
Please tell me if you know the cause.

Transition to SUSPEND.
There is no problem in looking at CATC logs. (FULL SPEED J) is output.

Perform the following operations to resume.
After this, it is waiting for PORTSC1.FPR = = 0, but this bit remains as 1.

Looking at the CATC log, the RESUME signal (FULL SPEED K) is output for about 20 ms, but it appears that (FULL SPEED J) is output thereafter.

And, the power down of PHY is not executed.
Only manipulation of PORTSC1 register.


Thank you for your cooperation.