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iMX6 Android 8 won't flash properly on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Question asked by Eric Richards on Jun 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2019 by Diego Adrian Cuevas

Hello, all,


We are building a system based on the Sabre SD board with iMX6.  Up until recently, we were developing using Android 7.1.1; however, limitations in Android 7 moved us to try using Android 8.


The problem is, we can't flash Android 8.  Oh, we can go through the motions, and it seems to do everything right, but when you try to boot it, U-Boot says, "Can't load zImage.  Bad magic."


the utility gparted doesn't recognize any of the partitions on the targeted flash at all (See attachment).  By contrast, flashing on Ubuntu 16.04 generates a good image.  (Note that the boot sector is a little wild -- I don't know what NXP is doing there.)


The .img and .imx files in out/product/target/.../ all are good.  The build itself is done in a Docker container running 16.04 LTS, but devices don't come through Docker environment.


To muddy the waters further, 18.04 LTS used to flash Android 7.1.1 until recently, but started showing the same problems.  We had to "sudo systemctl mask udisk2" to restore 7.1.1 flashing, but didn't help with Android 8.


Our best guess is that something is being "helpful" with the partitions in 18.04, but we don't know why.


Any ideas on how to proceed?