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Issues found on "evkmimxrt1060_aws_device_configuration_enet" exmple project

Question asked by Kj Lee Employee on Jun 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2019 by Kerry Zhou

I followed the instructions stated on readme file of "evkmimxrt1060_aws_device_configuration_enet" example project to create AWS account, flash the image into i.MXRT1060 and load the Android appl into the Nexus phone. The phone is able to find IoT device (i.MXRT1060) and configure the flash (ex: thing name, cert and private key …) if not done yet. After successful configuration, IoT device (i.MXRT1060) is able to connect with AWS cloud and update the shadow periodically. Afterward, I ran the MQTT/shadow demo on the phone which reported MQTT connection error after time out. May I know what could be wrong in my setting?