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Motor controller acceleration profiles with FTM PWM?

Question asked by Andrew Smolak on Jun 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2019 by Mark Butcher

I am using a Kinetis MK22FN512 and controlling some stepper motor drivers that take pulse inputs. I'm currently using the FTMs to generate 50% duty cycle pulse trains. It works perfectly.


Now I'm trying to implement an acceleration profile. This requires modulation of the PWM period while sending the pulse series (duty cycle fixed at 50%). The frequency of the signal will increase in a linear fashion, plateau and then decrease.


At first glance, it looks like this may be possible to do using the "Combine Mode" of the FTM. I was also thinking that DMA could be employed so that the processor doesn't need to be constantly servicing a routine.


Has anyone implemented something like this? Is it even possible? Any suggestions?