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How to set up MK10DXxxx flexNVM EEEPROM

Question asked by Collin Moore on Jun 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2019 by Collin Moore

I am working on a project where I would like to use the flexNVM on a MK10DX128VLH7 as flex EEEPROM.

I am testing with the code below on a K20 Tower board, which has a PK20DX256VLL7, also with 32KB of flexNVM that can be used for EEEPROM. My steps are as follows:


status_t ret = FLASH_Init(&flashConfig); // This returns kStatus_success

uint32_t currentEESize;

ret = FLASH_GetProperty(&flashConfig,kFLASH_PropertyEepromTotalSize, &currentEESize); // Returns kStatus_success

uint32_t currentDflashSize;

ret = FLASH_GetProperty(&flashConfig, kFLASH_PropertyDflashTotalSize, &currentDflashSize); // Returns kStatus_success

// Now, currentEESize==0 and currentDflashSize==32768, and I want to change that.

// First, I read SIM->FCFG1, which should tell me the total flexNVM size and EEPROM size.

uint32_t fcfg1 = SIM->FCFG1;


Here, fcfg1 = 0xff03_0f00, which I decode as follows:

NVMSIZE = 0xF, which is not defined in the reference manual

PFSIZE = 0xF, which is not defined in the reference manual

EESIZE = 0x3, which is the code for 2KB (the desired size I want).

DEPART = 0xF, which the FlexNVM Partition code section says means Reserved (32KB data flash, no EEPROM)

Next, I attempt to program the partition:


uint32_t eepromDataSizeCode = 0x3;

uint32_t flexnvmPartitionCode = 0x3;

ret = FLASH_ProgramPartition(&m_flashConfig, kFLASH_PartitionFlexramLoadOptionLoadedWithValidEepromData, eepromDataSizeCode, flexnvmPartitionCode);


This returns error 103, which maps to kStatus_FLASH_AccessError

The following driver code is hit, in flash_command_sequence(&flashConfig); :


/* checking access error */
if (registerValue & FTFx_FSTAT_ACCERR_MASK)
return kStatus_FLASH_AccessError;


I don't know why this happens, and I have tried triggering a mass erase at this point, in code. When I reflash my firmware and debug, the same thing happens.

How do I get the flexNVM set up as EEEPROM? I'd love any input/sugggestions/sample code.