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Reset BMAN Buffers in DPAA

Question asked by Mehmet Celik on Jun 7, 2019
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We are using the Netcomm codebase and ported the DPAA Normal Mode driver to our board having P2041 processor. We have used the driver successfully for quite some time. Then we decided to use the ethernet driver in the bootloader as well.


Now, we are having a problem when both the bootloader and the application software initializes and uses the DPAA hardware. We are looking for a way to reset BMAN, and hopefully QMAN as well.


The bootloader creates 100 buffers in Buffer Pool 0 in BMAN. Similarly, the application adds 100 buffers to the same buffer pool in BMAN. Now, there are 200 buffers in the pool but the application expects the 100 buffers only. Besides, the application does not want any buffer that had already been placed in BMAN, because the addresses might not be in the allowable range.


In the DPAA documentation and the Netcomm code, we couldn't find a way to reset BMAN, so that we cannot get rid of the buffers created by the bootloader.


We had a similar issue for QMAN, in frame queues and found a workaround. However, tt would be great to be able to reset QMAN as well. 


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