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Qn908x HID Device Pairing

Question asked by Ankur Rathi on Jun 7, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2019 by Ankur Rathi

I am using QN908x dev board and SDK2.2.0_QN908XCDK and MCUExpresso IDE for development purpose.

I loaded HID device (bare metal) example code and when I connect to my Android App (nRF Connect), its getting connected and when I try to connect it with System Bluetooth, it through an error "pairing Rejected", which is correct as Pairing and Bonding was disabled.


Now, I have enabled Pairing and Bonding in "app_preinclude" header file:
/*! Enable/disable use of bonding capability */
#define gAppUseBonding_d   1

/*! Enable/disable use of pairing procedure */
#define gAppUsePairing_d   1

But, when I tried to connect it with system Bluetooth as well as Mobile Application, it through an error "Could not pair with NXP_HID because of incorrect pin or passkey.".

It doesn't ask to Enter pairing pin.
I am using nRF Connect mobile application to check the BLE behavior.

I want Pairing and Bonding to be enabled. So, do you have any example code for Pairing and Bonding and also do OOB pairing is supported in QN908x.

While going through forum, I just saw that Enabling in "app_preinclude" header file has solved pairing problem but I was not able to pair. Is there any extra setting/modification need to be done to make pairing possible?