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External Sync for PWM0 (MPC5744P) using MBD not working

Question asked by Abhishek Kumar on Jun 6, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2019 by Abhishek Kumar

Hello All


I tried to use EXT_SYNC for PWM0 module but without success. (for DEVKIT-MPC5744P)




For this I created 2 models (for 2 different board, models are attached)

  1.       Syncro_PWM_CTU_External, which sends out a PWM and I use another PWM synchronized with the first one so it acts as EXT_SYNC signal for second board.
  2.       Syncro_PWM_CTU_External_Board2, I used CTU to have PTC15 as an EXT_SYNC Signal. (PTC 15 in DEVKIT was on F:EXRAY module so we removed R27 and used Micro Side Pad and soldered a cable)


Somehow the PWM in Syncro_PWM_CTU_External_Board2  (on DEVKIT 2) is not synchronized with Syncro_PWM_CTU_External(on DEVKIT 1)


Could you please suggest what is wrong in model “Syncro_PWM_CTU_External_Board2”?


 Marius-lucian Andrei Rafael Barbosa dumitru-daniel.popa