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New to freescale programming MC56F8013

Question asked by David Halliday on Feb 9, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2009 by David Halliday
I've been working at a company for the last 8 month and have just been asked to finish a project that somebody else started sometime ago. I'm have never programmed a freescale device before but I'm quite interested to learn to see what advantages/disadvantages the device has to offer over other microcontrollers that I have experence working with. The guy who started the design has moved on and
left some information which I gone through.
The hardware has been designed which  is working correctly
Some software has been written for the device which I wanted to test. But I cannot communicate with the device. The device is soldered to a built pcb and commnicate via the RS232 connection on the device.
The error message is:-
 "CCS Protocolplugin: CCS : Cable disconnected"
The serial port is working on the laptop ok as there is another programm for downloading values to the device which is working correctly. But I cannot program the device via the "codewarrier devlopment enviroment "
There is no one with any device programming in the company and the laptop was wiped, of any previous project.
What  I/O setting do I need in code warrior to commnicate with the device via RS232 ??
All help greatly recieved Dave !!