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MPC5777C  - MCAL 4.0.3 FlexCAN and MCAN

Question asked by petep Employee on Jun 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2019 by Frantisek Dobes


My customer is using our MCAL 4.0.3 with the MPC5777C and they are trying to enable both the FlexCAN and MCAN interfaces.  The MCAN modules will be configured for CAN-FD and the FlexCAN modules will be used for classic CAN.

The problem that we are running into is that it appears that the MCAL driver for both the FlexCAN and MCAN interfaces is common and there appears to be no way to distinguish between the two interfaces.  Therefore, the customer cannot configure both the FlexCAN and MCAN interfaces together.  Currently, the customer must configure all 4 FlexCAN modules and then assign 2 of the interfaces to MCAN manually.  (see below)


What I’m doing currently is configuring all 4 FlexCANs (A, B, C, and D) and configuring them so HrH 0 and 1 (zero indexing) are the Pins that we are using for MCAN. This allows the two other Flex Channels to be 2 and 3. If I didn’t do this there’d be an Hrh 0 and 1 for both Flex and MCAN but you’d not be able to tell which is which in the code.


The customer is wondering if we will have a hotfix to address this? or if there is a better way to enable all 4 FlexCAN modules and also the 2 MCAN modules.