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DDR3 Stresstool dont work as expected (JTAG vers.)

Question asked by on Jun 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2019 by igorpadykov

Hello together.


Im quite new to i.MX6 Processors. Actually i have designed my first board with a MCIMX6Y0VDM05AB ULL CPU.

For first tests, i connected a Segger J-Link and startet the following programm:


volatile uint32_t *GPIO1_DIR = (volatile uint32_t *)0x209C004;
volatile uint32_t *GPIO1_DAT = (volatile uint32_t *)0x209C000;
volatile uint32_t *IOMUX_GP1_00 = (volatile uint32_t *)0x20E02E8;

#define LED_H *GPIO1_DAT = (uint32_t)0x01;
#define LED_L *GPIO1_DAT = (uint32_t)0x00;

void delay(delay_ms)
uint32_t i = 578000;

void main(void) {
//Pad K13 als Ausgang definieren im IOMUX
*IOMUX_GP1_00 = (uint32_t)0x08;
//GPIO1.00 als Ausgang im GPIO Register definieren
*GPIO1_DIR = (uint32_t)0x01;



The programm works as expected, the LED is blinking.

I placed it onto the OCRAM Region.

FLASH RX 0x907000 0x2000;RAM RWX 0x909000 0x2000

Now i would like to start using the stress tool.
Therefore i downloaded the JTAG files from here:
i.MX 6/7 DDR Stress Test Tool  
I extraced the files and found the



Now i started a jlink GDB server. And connected to it with:

arm-none-eabi-gdb ddr-test-uboot-jtag-mx6ull.elf target extended-remote :2331 mon reset load c

The code was downloaded successfull but i dont see any output on UART1.
And if i try to halt the CPU Jlink tells me that it is not able to halt the CPU.

So what do i wrong?
By the way: i have generated a file with the Excel for the
ULL for DDR3 Config file. How do i have to load the file?

And: the excel asks me for DRAM_DSE Setting DQ-DQM ohms and many others.
I have connected a 240Ohm Resistor to ZQ of the RAM and to DRAM_ZQPAD of the CPU.
Do i have to choose 240Ohm in the excel for all selections?