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i.MX8MMini: connect UART2 to SAI3 Pins

Question asked by Elmar Albert on Jun 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2019 by Wigros Sun

On our new board with i.MX8MMini, we need to use the pins originally used for UART2 (Linux console) for an SPI-Interface. According to the iMX8MMini reference manual, the UART2 RXD and TXD can be connected to the pins SAI3_TXFS and SAI3_TXC. But in the file .../dt-bindings/pinctrl/pins-imx8mm.h the respective defines are missing.


So my question:

Were these defines only forgotten to add an this can simply be done? This is what I expect.


Will it not be possible to switch the UART2 to the SAI3 pins? Which I hope is not the case.


Please give me a short hint.


Thank you in advance and best regards

Elmar Albert