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Issues about OpenIL for LS1028 reference board

Question asked by Junhui Jiang on Jun 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2020 by yu bai

Hi everyone,


I am new for LS1028 reference board recently, and I have met some issues about this board.


1. I used nxp_ls1028ardb-64b_ubuntu_defconfig of OpenIL, and programmed it into SD card. And I boot the board with root successfully, when I use command "apt-get update",(sudo is not avaliable) error occurs as shown in the following figure:


 2. Also, I tried OpenIL with baremeta framework and I insert SD card to board after compling os successfully, but error occurs as follows,

Note that left is UART1(COM3), right is UART2(COM4).


Thank you very much,


Junhui Jiang