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Easiest way to have uniquely identifiable tags to be read by mobile (iPhone and Android)?

Question asked by Devansh Ranade on Jun 5, 2019
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I am looking to implement sticker tags in my workplace which will be placed on employee desks and meeting rooms. I would like the employee to use their company phone (either iPhone and Android) to scan these tags to 'check in' or 'check out' for work and meetings. I know this is easy to do with Android using NTAG 213 as you could just read the UID of the tags. However, it is impractical to replace all the current iPhones. I want to implement tags so that employees can't just copy the tags and check in wherever/whenever they would like.


I have heard recently about the NTAG 424 tag which uses different keys on each access and can share NDEF info with iPhones. Would that be sufficient to serve my purpose? Note that I don't want to have to put microcontrollers at each desk (or I would be looking into the NTAG I2C tags). I am looking for a tag which whose contents cannot be accessed by outsiders but which can trigger events/protocols within a mobile app.


Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


(Also if i go down the NTAG 424 route, would I be able to set-up the authentication server to be wirelessly accessible through wifi so it can just sit in the company office? That way, the tags themselves would still only be stickers placed onto employee desks.)