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MPC5634M AUTOSAR OS example error

Question asked by ARJUN RAVEENDRANATH on Jun 5, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2019 by ARJUN RAVEENDRANATH

Hello All,


I am trying to run AUTOSAR on MPC5634M with NXP MCAL&OS  with EB Tresos studio.

For this chip, NXP supports AUTOSAR v 3.0.

I have two questions:


1) I am using "Tresos Studio " Release ver 2009.a build number: b090820-1820.

OS Ver: Freescale AUTOSAR OS/MPC56xxAM v.3.0 RTM, build 3.0.35.

I have also added the patch "OSMPC56xxAM_3_0_35_patch1"


I receive the following error (attached image) after importing the sample project: "os_sample_sc1" located in "\AUTOSAR\os_freescale_mpc56xxAM\os_ts\eclipse\workspace" to Tresos studio and running "Generate Project".


I am running on windows 7 64 bit system. Is a 32bit OS required for the configuration?



2)  The MCAL provided for the same chip is "AUTOSAR MPC563XM MCAL3.0 swv: 2.0.0 RTM". But this MCAL version expects "Tresos Studio ver 2010". But as stated in qn. 1), OS expects "Tresos Studio " Release ver 2009.

How  can i configure the entire project in this case, when there is a conflict in versions as seen here.



Any help to address the above questions and get the configurator to work is appreciated.



Your Sincerely,