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EEPROM(M24128) Page write using I2C- s32k144

Question asked by sandhya jekkireddy on Jun 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2019 by Daniel Martynek

EEPROM(M24128) Page write using I2C- s32k144 


In this data sheet for after each page write eeprom will take 5msec gap for next page write 

 using provied api's i wrote the code to write data page by page in eeprom. Instead of waiting 5msec data sheet provided polling mechanism, it's saying first i need to check start and device address checking if master get ack then send reg address



with provied api's I can't check upto start and device address to check the slave is responding or not. because that api itself start, device address then provied address it is transmitting. we can't stop in middle,start again from reg address from middle.


below i am adding my code and data sheet  please help me in this to check upto device address, if got ack then immidiate send from reg address then data using provided api's.