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Can't add my header file to customized directory

Question asked by Martin Zhang on Jun 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2019 by Martin Zhang

Hello NXP Team, 

I am developing software on S32K144 by IDE S32 Design Stdio for ARM 2018.R1. But I can't include any header file after I add it to customized sub-directory. I don't know why. I can include the files for KEA128 using CW11 by the same way.

S32DS show the error message (Figure1): ../src/main.c:8:17: fatal error: rtc.h: No such file or directory.




1. Create S32k144 application project ;

2. Create my customized source file rtc.h, rtc.c , and add to ./src/drivers/rtc  (Figure1);

3. Add the file's path to the project (Figure2,3);

4. Include the .h file in main.c (Figure1);

5. Build , and then the error occurs(Figure1).


Figure1 Project File Structure and Building Error Message


Figure2 Add the Path to the Project


Figure3 Check the Path