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Building and deploying custom TAs for OP-TEE into LS1012A FRWY

Question asked by Gabriele Coppolino on Jun 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2019 by Gabriele Coppolino

Hi all,

I'm having some issues into building and deploying Trusted Applications (TAs) with flex-builder for my LS1012AFRWY. I'm trying to deploy the hello-world example download from the reference examples.

Could you please detail all the steps required?

I tried to include them into packages/apps/optee_os , packages/apps/optee_client and packages/apps/optee_test , including them into Makefiles, but I'm not able to see the UUID into the deployed rootfs under /lib/optee_armtz.

I already built everything with CONFIG_BUILD_OPTEE=y.


In addition, is there a way to have a console in the Secure (non-rich) OS ?


Thanks in advance.