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Once again about  Aptina MT9P031 sensor and i.MX6 processor

Question asked by Dmitry K on Jun 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2019 by igorpadykov

Hi all,


I'm searching for official driver for the Aptina MT9P031 sensor and i.MX6 processor. I have camera with this sensor (parallel interface as output bus) and I'd like to test it, but I don't see any drivers for it on the Linux Yocto BSP.
I have two question about this:
   1. I have found a lot of MT9P031 Linux driver sensor sources by following links:
     Can you advise how can I modify it for Linux Yocto BSP?
   2. I have found description of ov5642 camera driver which using parallel interface in "i.MX 6 Linux® Reference

       Manual", Chapter 6 "Image Processing Unit (IPU) Drivers" and Chapter 20 "OmniVision Camera Drive".
        As I understand, ov5642 sensor is similar to MT9P031 by operational principles. Can I modify this driver for

        MT9P031 (Linux Yocto BSP)? Please advice what I need to do for that?


P.S. As debugging apparatus platform I use Meissa-I Development Board ( with eSOMiMX6-micro - Computer Module .