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HCS08ac60 TPM output compare

Discussion created by Bob McCulla on Feb 8, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2009 by bigmac
Hi Guys;
 I've been blindly adding a new compare value to the channel 0 VL and VH after an output compare in my ISR. Outside of getting this to work, what happens during the comparator going true (match) and generating the compare match interrupt?
 Am I adding a new value to the previous value over and over or is the previous comp value cleared and a new one needed for the next compare or what?
 I can't find any explanation in the documentation and can't get this little nagging question out of my mind.
 Kinda like "it's a small world after all" theme. Last time at Disneyland after taking the kids on this ride, this stooped mind numbing jingle stayed in my mind for a week! Ooo the pain.
Best regards, BobMac