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Internal Events

Question asked by Kurt Staubli on Jun 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2019 by Kerry Zhou

I am new in MIMXRT1062 and our goal is to use it as a motor controller. RT1062 has XBAR to connect various peripherals with each other. 

If I would like to measure the exact timing of events. I tried to connect an event via XBAR to a GPIO, connect an oscilloscope to that GPIO and expected to be able to see a change on the GPIO.

I took an example: evkmimxrt1060_adc_etc_software_trigger_conv. A Trigger is set up there. I used the Pins-Tool to route the trigger to a GPIO. Problem here: I cannot use kXBARA1_OutputAdcEtcXbar0Trig0 as a XBAR input and route it to a GPIO output (hence the ‘Output’ in kXBARA1_OutputAdcEtcXbar0Trig0).

But I can setup something like this with Pins-Tool:

XBARA_SetSignalsConnection(XBARA1, kXBARA1_InputAdcEtcXbar0Coco0, kXBARA1_OutputIomuxXbarInout17);

But the GPIO remains low whenever a conversion is done.


So, the question remains: How can I use XBAR to make internal events visible on an oscilloscope?


My Hardware / Software configuration is this:

MCUXpresso IDE v10.2.1

SDK 2.4.0

Pins for i.MX Version 5.0

EVK-MIMXRT1060 board


I have attached my modified version of adc_etc_software_trigger_conv.c