Aric Lowe

Using Processor Expert to interface a MCF51JM128 to external SRAM

Discussion created by Aric Lowe on Feb 8, 2009
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2009 by Processor Expert
Hello everyone, as mentioned in the subject line Im attempting to interface a MCF51JM128 with a 512k external SRAM chip.  Im using Codewarrior and Processor Expert v6.2 to do so. I am by no means an expert with microcontrollers and am completely new to Codewarrior and Processor Expert. I've only completed a single class in this field a couple years ago which was specifically targeted toward the HC11.   For communicatiing with external memory I haven't located any beans specifically for this application and was attempting to use separate byte and bit beans to model the controls, address, and data to the chip, but this seems very inneficient in both coding and operation.  I located a similar thread that advised declaring the external memory within the cpu properties, but that does not appear to be available within Processor Expert for this chip.

If anyone has some valuable insight or suggestions it would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks