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secure boot

Question asked by ning xie on Jun 4, 2019
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I use secure boot as follows:

1、Generate four sets of certificates;serial number field of image certificates :3C:C3:00:00:AB:AB:AB:AB

2、with elftosb_gui, config load address to be 0x10000000; elftosb_gui show “Verifysignature ” is "success".

3、load  this  signed image;

4、config  "Version" of CFPA to 0x01 and config "ROTKH_REVOKE"为0x55; CFPA is attached;

5、config ROTKH of CMPA with RKTH generated by elftosb_gui;config SECURE_BOOT_CFG of CMPA to 0x40000000(signed image); DIGEST of CMPA is not configed。


after reset, the image is not right running。 why?


Can you provide an available certificate?   I suspect there is something wrong with my certificate。