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How to fix debug problem

Question asked by Albert Zhou on Jun 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2019 by Albert Zhou

The Debug in the MCUXpresso IDE could not launching for some unknown reason: I has been working fine. After clicking the bug icon, an icon pop out says problem:

" launching qu908x_wireless_examples_bluetooth_wireless_uart_freertos LionkServer Debug' has encountered a problem. Error in final launch sequence."

"LinkServer Target Connection Error   Reason: Error: unable to configure core for probe index 1, wire not connected.  LinkServer has been terminated and will be restarted. Please restart your debug session. if the problem recurs, please power cycle your debug probe and restart MCUXpresso IDE."


I did the recycle the SDK board power and restart the MCUXpresso. all the effort is useless. could somebody tell me what should I do to get the problem fixed.

I have changed SDK board from QN9080 DK-V1.3 to QN9080SIP-DK. the result is same.