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CW 7.1.1a on M52259DEMOKIT -- BDM, breakpoints, timer ISRs...

Discussion created by Rich Testardi on Feb 7, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2009 by James McNamara
Sorry, I'm reposting from the ColdFire forum, hoping someone here might know a workaround...
Hi all,
I am wondering about something I saw while debugging my program on CW 7.1.1a on the M52259DEMOKIT board...
This board apparently uses a new BDM, as I have to specify "ColdFire v2-v4 JM60 OSBDM" to debug it.
In general, the new BDM seems to work, but it has one strange behavior I am wondering if I can work around.
With the old PEMICRO USB BDM, when I hit a breakpoint in non-ISR code (with ISRs enabled) and then single stepped, I stepped following the expected code path -- i.e., I didn't instantly step into my 1ms PIT timer interrupt service routine.
With the new ColdFire v2-v4 JM60 OSBDM, on the other hand, if I break into my code anywhere other than in my PIT timer interrupt service routine, the first single step puts me right there!
I managed to get all my debugging done by setting breakpoints, rather than single stepping, but this seems like something that should be configurable, at least...
Is there a way to tell the debugger not to just step me into my PIT timer ISR every time I step?  Or might I just have something misconfigured?
As a related issue, when I insert a breakpoint in my code, I always hit it *twice* now -- once apparently on entry to the PIT timer ISR, and once apparently on return.  (I've gotten used to this and just always continue once when I hit a breakpoint.)
Thanks for any help!
Other than this, the port to the MCF52259 took less than a day, and it seems fast -- about 5% faster than a MCF52221 clock-for-clock, which I can't really explain but will not complain about!
-- Rich