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How do I configure semihosting in MCUXpresso with MQX and a PEMicro debugger?

Question asked by Manuel Malagon on Jun 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2019 by Zahar Raskin

I'm having problems configuring semihosting for my project. I'm using MQX and a PEMicro debugger in MCUXpresso. I want to note that is not a problem with the code and how the UART and debug ports are configured because semihosting works perfectly fine using a Segger JLink probe. Unfortunately, all the rest of the team are using PEmicro probes so I have to configure the project for semihosting using those.


In MCUXpresso IDE and Semihosting it is explained how to make semihosting work in MCUXpresso but using KSDK and that is totally different than using MQX so it didn't help.


K60 PE Micro debugging not working console using printf seems more about printf not working on a UART port which is not what I need and the referenced thread KDS printf issues with -nanolibc explains how the presence of -nanolibc may cause the problem, but I'm not using -nanolibc in my project so that is also not the issue.


Erich Styger Semihosting with Eclipse and the NXP Kinetis SDK V2.0 article explains it with eclipse in general but I'm not using -Xlinker -z and -Xlinker muldefs Linker flags. Changing  ‘-specs=nosys.specs’ with ‘specs=rdimon.specs’ doesn't help either. Finally, I'm not using KSDK, I'm using MQX and those two are completely different.


Does anyone know how to configure semihosting in MCUXpresso with MQX and a PEMicro debugger? Or point me in the right direction.