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How to recover after framing and overrun error?

Question asked by Risto Mustonen on Jun 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2019 by Kerry Zhou


I'am using KV56 microcontroller with UART3 connected to Lantronix ethernet port. Everything works well until Lantronix boots itself. It keep UART RX line down so KV56 gets FE and OR errors. It also possibly detects the LIN break condition. I can reset both error flags by calling fsl_uart.c UART_ClearStatusFlags() function.


But after reset those bits KV56 cannot receive anything by UART3, although the RX data is now OK (measured with oscilloscope). If I then restart the KV56 it begins to receive characters again.


Have someone had similar kind of issues and can someone tell how can I recover from this state by software?


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Risto Mustonen